About me, Wizyakuza!

Just a simple artist struggling to find a way to draw art all day...

Hi, my name is Ceasar Ian Muyuela, and I'm Wizyakuza! 

I'm a hard working, self-employed digital artist from the Philippines that makes a living selling prints and finding new clients to commission my work. 

Art is an evolution of ideas, and I strive to continually produce interesting, powerful and vibrant creations for the world. Most of my work is influenced and based on pop culture characters and references, as represented by what I genuinely loved and lived for when I grew up as a child. Surrounding myself with these concepts has only pushed myself to improve and try to reach the highest level I can get to.

Who can sell my artwork?

My artwork should never be for sale in any retail location or website in any manner or form (this also includes comic book stores). 

My prints are NOT a commercial good, and can only be purchased directly through my website or in person at a convention. If you ever see my art being used as a commercialized product (on accessories, clothing, and advertising) please contact me immediately! This is stolen artwork!



I do commission work for many celebrities, voice actors and convention organizers! Please email me if you're interested in a commission! 

Some personal work I did for Sean Schemmel, the voice actor of Goku from Dragon Ball Z!

My process....

Digital Painting. Wacom Cintiq. Photoshop CC.


Contact me...